Banking Information Systems
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We provide full range of software design, development, deployment and maintenance services for any vertical market, not limited to banks and finance.
  • Requirement analysis – we can analyze your wildest dreams and make a detailed proposal on how exactly, in what time frame and at what cost we can make them come true.

  • Development – we offer custom development in Progress OpenEdge, Java, Scala, Javascript (React, Redux, node.js), PHP/Laravel and other languages.

  • Integration – we have a wide experience of integrating all kinds of information systems with each other using tools and technologies like REST/SOAP, Sonic MQ, JMS, ActiveMQ, IBM WebSphere etc.

  • Deployment – we deploy our own or 3rd party software on your premises or in a cloud or datacenter of your choice.

  • Support - our support staff will help you out with any issues that may arise while using our solutions.

  • Training - we offer various training programs – full-time training, distance teaching and education on the university base (in partnership with higher educational institutions).

  • Business consulting service – professional consultations on business effectivization, banking product cost reduction, branches and subdivisions control and management, staff motivation.
  • IT audit – audit of solutions applied in the bank, software and IT-infrastructure for the purpose of assessment and solving current and potential problems and IT-system optimization.

  • IT consulting – help in setting up existing hardware/software solutions, various systems integration control, bank’s business-processes setting up using the cutting edge informational technologies.