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BISQUIT Integrated Banking System

BISQUIT Integrated Banking System (IBS) provides a high level informational support for the banking transactions amidst dynamic development of financial services market.?

BISQUIT is a core banking solution providing wide scope of functionality for both retail and corporate banking. BISQUIT consists of functional modules which cover different banking products and can be licensed separately. BISQUIT functional completeness makes automatization of multitude commercial bank operations possible. IBS modular construction allows a bank to go to software expenses justified only by its sphere of business and amount of a work flow at a particular moment. The system functionality can be extended when range of performed activities extend.

The unified technological approach allows recording the operation from one module in the database and using the results of that operation in any other module.

IBS BISQUIT modules:

Core module Core module is a functional core of BISQUIT system. It maintains data objects used by all other modules (such as customers, accounts, GL, transactions etc.) and provides GL and workflow functionality. This module also includes system and security administration facilities.
Accounts payable The module is designed to automate banking business processes as to administrative procedures related to maintenance of agreements on delivery and consumption of goods and services; profits and losses management; related operations accounting and individual transactions accounting and correspondent reporting.
Budgeting Budgeting module allows setting up budgets and keeping track of expenses and profits according to budgets assigned to profit and cost centers.
Cash bag collection and recounting office The module keeps track of collecting cash bags from customer stores or bank’s own branches and agencies, money recounting and proper accounting of all operations involved.
Coins made of precious metals The module deals with the coins operations accounting in banks, accounts and cash reports. It provides all necessary documents on these operations.
Correspondent relations Automation of operations between correspondent and respondent banks.
Data interchange with credit history bureaus The module facilitates submittal of legally required information to credit history bureaus in their proprietary formats.
Electronic document interchange This module facilitates automated processing of incoming and outgoing electronic messages.
Factoring (receivable based financing) The module provides all necessary functionality for factoring operations.
Financial reporting and analysis This module fulfills requirements of a commercial bank with respect to regulatory reporting under Russian-specific standards and international accounting standards.
Fixed assets Fixed assets module aims at automatic accounting of capital assets, non-tangible assets, inventory as well as stock bookkeeping.
Foreign currency control The module assures compliance to strict Russian regulations on all operations in foreign currency.
FOREX FOREX module aims at automated performance of a financial institution in interbank currency market and aims at users (back-office experts).
Letters of credit Letters of credit module supports settlements with letters of credit in both Russian rubles and foreign currency as regards export and import operations with non-residents involved.
Loan origination (including front office tools) Loan origination module combines standalone loan application entry facilities (to use by broker/agent network) with a comprehensive and flexible centralized loan application approval workflow (including interfaces to scoring software, credit history bureaus etc).

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